Votes cast across the Isle of Wight in yesterday's elections are being checked, before being counted at Medina Leisure Centre in Newport today (Friday).

Around 75 people are involved in the process, with results due later today for those taking the 39 seats at County Hall.

The number of vote counters is fewer than normal, due to the regulations for Covid-19.

The results of the town and parish council votes are due tomorrow and the Police and Crime Commissioner election results will be on Monday, as part of a wider count across Hampshire.

Speaking to the Isle of Wight County Press, Isle of Wight Council chief executive, John Metcalfe said: "It's going really well.

"Staff have taken to the new arrangements for county. We'll get a good and correct count as quickly as we can."

He said: "We've got fewer people counting, but more people doing additional cleaning, helping the agents and candidates, doing slightly different jobs.

"We're better off doing it slowly and getting it right than doing it again and again."