A Conservative election candidate has been accused of 'misinformation and misdirection,' after criticising an existing Isle of Wight Councillor for not living in his ward.

An election pamphlet for Tim Jeffreys, who is hoping to win Cowes West and Gurnard, at the local election on May 6, refers to incumbent Paul Fuller as "an independent - visiting from Northwood - with little influence."

The comment has drawn criticism and an allegation that Mr Jeffreys does not live in Cowes West and Gurnard either.

One Isle of Wight County Press reader called Mr Jeffreys's comments about Cllr Fuller 'a scurrilous personal attack,' while another praised Councillor Fuller's "immense experience, both in County Hall and on our Parish Council".

The Isle of Wight County Press asked Mr Jeffreys to confirm that he lives in Cowes West and Gurnard.

He told the County Press, "I am happy to confirm that I am a resident of Cowes – one of the two parishes relating to the ward I am seeking to represent."

However, he has not responded to the CP's email asking if he lives within Cowes West and Gurnard.

Standing in the ward are Conservative Tim Jeffreys, independent Paul Fuller and Josh Pointing, for Labour.

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