The Isle of Wight Vectis Party has launched its manifesto, ahead of the local elections on May 6.

Three candidates are running - hoping to win seats on the Isle of Wight Council, at County Hall.

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Leader Daryll Pitcher has now set out what the party would aim to achieve.

In a manifesto, he says the Vectis Party believes in 'localism' and 'decentralisation,' and pledges to work to 'deliver for the Island.'

It would freeze general Council Tax in 2022 and favours widespread 20mph zones on the Island.

It would encourage small shops, through relief on business rates; would work to bring eyesore and empty buildings, in town centres and on seafronts, back into use; and would introduce an overnight parking permit.

The manifesto says the party would look into setting up an Isle of Wight building society.

When it comes to Covid-19, it wants an end to lockdown and restrictions, as soon as possible.