The Windrush scandal, the Grenfell scandal, the Post Office scandal, the UK’s total lack of pandemic preparedness despite Exercise Cygnus, thousands of care home residents and care home workers thrown under the bus, sacrificed to save an already chronically weakened NHS, the UK’s record number of covid deaths, the scandalous lack of PPE endangering the lives of our brave NHS doctors and nurses.

Forgotten all that already?

But fear not, the Tories are going to fix the mess they, and they alone, engineered, and lead us towards a bright new tomorrow!

Really? How are the architects of austerity and misery, inflicted on millions, going to do that?

The only bright tomorrow I see is for those in what’s been exposed as the Tories chumocracy, and the continuing lining of their friends' pockets, with tax breaks for the super rich and buckets of taxpayers' cash for anyone with back of a fag packet plan, no previous experience needed.

High time we kicked these lying, immoral bunch of incompetence chancers out of office wherever they contaminate our society, be that at a local level or national level.

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