Is it any wonder politicians are held in such low regard when an experienced councillor of many years can write so many false statements in a letter to your newspaper.

I refer to Phil Jordan’s letter (CP, 16-04-21) alleging ‘sham, deception and dishonesty’ and would like to have the opportunity to respond and to clarify for readers what the rules actually say about disclosure of party affiliation when standing for election to town or parish councils.

The nomination papers say: "Party candidates can use a party name or party description registered with the Electoral Commission and this must match the details shown on the required certificate of authorisation from that party.

"Any candidate may use a description that is not likely to lead electors to associate the candidate with a registered political party or can use ‘Independent’ or leave this blank.

"Whatever you enter in this box will appear as your description on the ballot paper.

Mr Jordan doesn’t like the current system whereby candidates ‘may leave this blank’ but there you have it. Furthermore, the Electoral Commission also makes the point that "At parish and community council elections party and independent candidates can, at the discretion of the returning officer, use a description not registered with us.

"As long as the description does not exceed six words in length and cannot be confused with a registered political party."

In other words, for parish and town council elections, party members can use a "made-up" description not involving their party's name. Case closed.

It is a pity Mr Jordan feels the need to stoop to abusing his fellow candidates in this manner and readers will draw their own conclusions from his choice of words.

I believe the fine people of Ryde North West will select their preferred candidate by reading their literature and listening to their stance on local issues.

Editor's footnote: Steve Sheridan is the Conservative candidate in Ryde North West. For a full list of election candidates CLICK HERE.