A NEW record label has been launched on the Isle of Wight.

Edges First Records is the brainchild of musician Chris Quinton, who people may know from The Clacks Band.

Edges will promote and distribute music for a select few Island musicians.

Find them on Facebook at facebook.com/edgesfirstrecords/

The Clacks Band has released its latest music via the label and are delighted they are properly studio produced and available across all major streaming platforms.

Find out more about the band at theclacksband.co.uk

Listen to their newest release, Heart and Soul, by clicking here

Another act on the label is Strawberry Moon, fronted by singer-songwriter Megan Brinton, with songs written by Chris. They often perform together, with Chris on guitar.

Other acts include Maria Woodford of Starling Songwriters and Sam Grzyb, an Island singer-songwriter currently based in Austria.

Chris said: "I set up the label because I was going to release stuff for the band but we had more music than we could accomplish ourselves, as my writing exploded during lockdown.

"It was easier and more efficient to just set up my own label."

Chris is going to be hosting open mic nights at the Traveller's Joy in Northwood and at Adgestone Vineyard.

Chris recently featured in a CP faux pas when he was captioned as a former Coronation Street star. However, he is not the actor Chris Quentin and has no association with him.

He summed it up himself: "I'm definitely not that bloke from Corrie!"