I was very disappointed to read Tig Outlaw’s letter (CP, 16-04-21), expressing the view that having to prove that one has been tested, has immunity or has been vaccinated against Covid-19 before being allowed to enter a stadium or a theatre “is a step too far”.

As a current councillor, I presume that he generally has the good of the community at heart; in that case, his constituents have been ill-served by his letter.

I lived in the Middle East for many years, where it was a legal requirement for everyone, citizen and foreigner alike, to carry an identity card, and to show it in all sorts of situations.

It wasn’t a problem — we just got used to it.

The same will happen with so-called vaccine passports.

Once everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated, then it will become second nature to prove it in many social situations.

For those who have been vaccinated and who object to producing a confirmation document, and unless they are medically exempt, the only alternative should be that they confine themselves and their medical histories indoors until the risk of catching Covid is no greater than that of, say, catching the flu.

Any other course of action would be putting the larger community at greater risk.