A 23-year-old from Sandown, who launched a book-keeping business when she was made redundant, has planted hundreds of trees as part of an environmental pledge.

Since she started, Isle Book-keep's owner Lucy Johnson has planted a tree for every new client she has signed up.

This month, to mark Earth Day, she is making an even bigger pledge.

Instead of one tree, five will be planed for every new client in April.

Earth Day (today, April 22) highlights the need for action to tackle climate change.

Lucy said: "This is our way of giving back, to restore what we call ‘the lungs of our earth’".

She is encouraging other Island businesses to follow her lead, using existing websites and apps that automatically give something back to the earth when a sale is completed.

She is also keen to promote 'post-lockdown positivity' and is calling on Islanders to support each other.