Here’s a challenge for CP readers. Try to understand what makes a group of people behave like this:

Go to the supermarket in the evening and buy lots of meat in plastic wrapping.

Load up the trolley with bottles of gin, whiskey and rum then top up with tins of beer and bottles of coke (it’s getting pretty full now) but chuck in a few packets of marshmallows as well.

Drive to a secluded beach which happens to be Shanklin, going towards Luccombe and park the car, probably more than one vehicle because there must’ve been lots of you to carry all that booze.

Find a lovely quiet spot at the back of the beach and set things up. Cut down some hefty branches to serve as seats (lucky you remembered to bring the bow saw).

Isle of Wight County Press: The tree cut down during the vandalism.The tree cut down during the vandalism.

Now enjoy yourselves by getting really drunk and chuck all the empty bottles and cans around. Throw lots into the bushes together with food wrappers and smash bottles for good measure. Stagger back to your vehicles and (God knows how) drive home.

It took a friend and me nearly two hours to clear up the mess and fill four large black bags with all the rubbish.

Trouble is the natural setting is spoiled by the remains of the fire and the destruction of vegetation.

What an achievement!

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