The proposed motorcycle events, Diamond Races and a time trial will, if accepted, become a long-term attraction.

Granted, the next couple of years will show an influx of other visitors who cannot or will not travel to other countries but after that, as the threat of Covid becomes less, we will see a decline in tourism as people understandably prefer the beaches of Spain and Greece.

It seems to me that parish councillor Daniel James (Freshwater) is unfortunately looking at the short-term.

The IW not only has an ageing population but also ageing visitors, being regarded as the Warmington-on-Sea of resorts.

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Look at the tourist attractions of West Wight and ask how many folk under the age of 50 will be interested.

Put the IW on the motorcycle calendar, somewhere to come for a week at the end of the season, an easy ferry ride from the North Island, welcoming and we speak English.

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Motorcyclists are no longer dirty, leather-clad biker gangs but (male and female) professional enthusiasts who ride as a pastime.

They will fondly remember holidays here and return with children and grandchildren.

Please think long-term.