For the last 14 months, the government have faced the most enormous challenge. Some have accused them of making mistakes.

Faced with a unique situation some were inevitable but on the whole the government have handled the pandemic very well.

Our death rate is said to be high but one aspect that appears to evade commentators is that Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

One certainty is the enormous successful of the vaccination programme. Had we still been tied to the EU we would have been required to follow the decisions of the EU Commission who have utterly failed the people of Europe in this regard.

Overall, I believe the government have done an admirable job of managing the pandemic. That is not to say that we can be complacent or that mistakes could still be made.

Many people have been concerned about infringements on their civil liberties during the last year but most have accepted these as part of the battle to fight the spread of the virus.

However, as the roll out of the vaccine has gathered pace such infringements become less able to justify.

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One such move is the idea of a so-called Covid 19 domestic passport.

Having to prove that you have a recent negative test, are immune or have been vaccinated before entering a sporting event or a theatre is a step too far.

Your medical information has always been a private matter between you and your doctor. It should not be something one has to share by mandate to move freely in a free society.

It would make second citizens of those who have not been vaccinated.

It would infringe on individual’s fundamental rights and the free flow of commerce, and would be a mistake the government must avoid.

Editor's footnote: Tig Outlaw is a Tory councillor in the outgoing IW Council.