The current ban on overseas travel and holidays abroad, along with prohibitively expensive PCR tests, that are reportedly twice the price as those in Europe, will mean only the wealthy will be able to afford to holiday abroad when travel restrictions are lifted.

So much for our government’s commitment towards, ‘levelling up’.

This of course is a cleverly designed plan to ensure the vast majority of working families will only be able to afford to holiday in the UK, ensuring this valuable revenue stream stays in the UK and is used to reboot our flagging leisure and tourism industry.

Perhaps Visit IW and our IW Council need to promote the Island as a more upmarket and exclusive destination in a bid to attract a more moneyed visitor?

With already sky high ferry fares this would enable our leisure industry to recover based around a more targeted and affluent customer base, while at the same time ensuring our beautiful island environment isn’t trashed and trampled into the ground by swarms of cheap boozy day trippers over the summer.

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