AN ISLE of Wight creative, stuck in the Midlands throughout lockdown, has completed a photo book inspired by her favourite Island location.

Rosy Burke, photographer and painter, has been stuck in Banbury and is now longing to get back to Compton, where she can reunite with her sister.

In the quiet of her studio, Rosy says she has been dreaming of strolling the beach or walking the downs with the blue butterflies.

This has resulted in her finalising and publishing 'Compton - from the skies to the sea - a love letter to the landscape'.

She said: “I am so pleased the book is giving so many people pleasure, it is crammed with photos and stories gathered in the landscape from those who love it as much as I do.

"I want readers to feel they are with me on the shore or downs feeling the exhilaration of the outdoors and the beauty of it all.

"Lots of people told me funny and interesting stories which I wanted to share for others' pleasure and it (has been received) really well.”

The 40-page book contains more than 140 colour photos and illustrations and is written in poetry prose.

Copies are available online at a cost of £15, while Rosy has invited anyone with questions to email her at