Fifty years ago we gave up a thousand years of history and part of our national identity by surrendering our ancient weights and measurements.

This was done in readiness to join the Common Market and accept metrication.

Many of us over a certain age though, still refer back to imperial. For example social distancing = 2 metres which is 6ft 6in and a litre = 13/4 pints.

Now the UK has left the EU, it is without the return of the old measurements, so should we just consign them to history?

I believe not and that they should be passed on to future generations at school, in history or maths lessons; in a fun way.

Children would soon get used to using both systems and who knows, they may be the drivers to return us to our old measurements.

These are indeed strange times, for who would have thought the pandemic would bring closer to an English Parliament, for while the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been outlining their Covid restrictions, PM Boris Johnson has been outlining England’s... de facto becoming our First Minister .

On Friday, April 23, I will again be marking St George’s Day (restrictions permitting) by carrying our flag from Northwood to Newport, leaving about 1pm, although I shall start by standing outside County Hall for about 15 minutes at midday.

Please give me a toot or a wave if you see me.

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