One of the chief plusses arising from Covid has been the adaptability (where possible) of the labour force to work from home.

Benefits have included more family time, non-existent commuting costs and greater productivity. While WFH has not been a free win, it certainly has produced an overall plus.

If the same approach were taken for higher education and students undertook their courses, where possible, remotely, and at their own pace; lectures could be recorded and viewed to fit in with the students’ lifestyle (more could work full time and fit their studies around that).

Obviously, courses like medicine and sciences which require a physical presence would not qualify for remote learning for obvious reasons.

For good measure, degree courses could, in some cases be reduced to two years of study.

The benefit of such a system of remote degrees would hugely improve the UK’s housing crisis by returning student rentals in both halls of residence and houses/flats into the market.

The increase of supply in accommodation would logically have the effect of reducing rents.

Students would also graduate with lower levels of debt.

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