MORE than a quarter of UK renters and homeowners have found their property needs have changed since the outbreak of Covid-19, according to new research from gradual homeownership provider, Wayhome.

After more than a year of remote working and months of non-essential shops and eateries being closed to the public, previously “high-valued” property amenities have slid down the priority list.

Among the renters and homeowners whose property requirements changed amid the pandemic, the least important features are now having an easy commute to work, being close to shops and restaurants and living near public transport.

The table below shows people's changing priorities during the past year. 

Isle of Wight County Press:

As more of us have spent time indoors, having access to a private garden has become increasingly important according to the data.

Similarly, a fifth of all respondents felt living near a public garden or green space was important to them, and the same number prioritised being near friends and family – a feature that resonated higher among women than it did for men.

Nigel Purves, chief executive  of Wayhome, said: “When you’re narrowing down your search for the perfect home to rent or buy, most of us will have a wish-list, usually split into the “essentials” and “nice-to-haves”.

"Our upcoming report makes it clear just how far these wish-lists have changed as the pandemic rolled on.

“With the end of lockdown in sight, now would be an opportune time for the industry to reassess the actual needs of renters and homeowners post-pandemic and support innovative and alternative routes that get more people onto the property ladder.”