WEST Wight residents — and members of the Isle of Wight Green Party — are demanding further answers about the Isle of Wight Road Races.

Several local councils discussed the event last night — including Freshwater, Shorwell and Yarmouth.

As reported yesterday, official detail about the date and route has yet to be released by the organisers, and the event has yet to be given the green light by the Isle of Wight Council or safety officials.

Concerns from residents are around the safety and community impacts, and whether these have been thoroughly considered.

Freshwater Parish Council heard last night that the plans include a four or five day event and a two day mass start race, with motorbikes racing through Brook, Chessell, Tapnell, Freshwater Bay and Compton.

Daniel James, Freshwater parish councillor and Green Party candidate for Freshwater North and Yarmouth, said: "Having attended a presentation for local councillors by the organisers of this proposed road race, I am not convinced that the event can be made safe especially along the cliff edges or would be good for the West Wight generally.

"Motorcycle racing would run counter to the direction of travel that we have worked so hard for on the Island — to create a green environment which is attractive to visitors and local people alike.

“I am not opposed to new public events in Freshwater, but the promoters of these races need to think again."

Doug Alldred, Green Party candidate for Brighstone, Calbourne and Shalfleet, added: "The Island has a unique and successful reputation on the UK events calendar, but this means we need to be cautious and responsible about the type of event we encourage to our shores, especially within our AONB.

“I've been in touch with several residents of Brook, and a surprising number of tourism businesses who have genuine and legitimate concerns regarding the impact on road safety and year-round tourism.

"Personally, I feel this proposal is the wrong event in the wrong location, and should not be supported without a radical and comprehensive rethink.”

Vix Lowthion, Isle of Wight Green Party chair, said answers were needed from the Isle of Wight Council cabinet about how much support the council has given to the proposal.

She said: “The building of a private garage or a dozen bell tents have to go through a formal and robust planning process with several stakeholders including the public, landowners and local councils.

"Where is the clear, open and transparent planning process for an event of this size? Consultation through shiny presentations at parish council meetings seem like an ineffective tick-box exercise for something with such significant consequences for this rural community.”

The County Press understands the proposal is currently being considered at the first stage, by the Safety Advisory Group, and the ACU licensing body, for approval, before it goes to the Isle of Wight Council.

The Isle of Wight Green Party is inviting Islanders to have their say on the road races through their survey https://forms.gle/rV2GiaLtVjA97ysw8