I am concerned with the increasing development in Totland and Colwell and have just objected to the application for 50 dwellings in Birch Close, Colwell, on a green field site.

There are several developments currently taking place in the area, few of which include a social housing element and I feel the area is being over developed and losing its charm.

I am also concerned at building contractors' vehicles, currently parked on Colwell Road, causing road safety issues by being parked very close together with little or no room for vehicles to “pull in” and let oncoming road traffic pass.

I have recently witnessed two “near misses” because of this.

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Also, there is the former Green Meadows care home site, which is under construction for an extra 75 units for independent living, and a further 20-plus houses all under construction within close proximity. Local residents lives are, and will continue to be, impacted by loss of light, privacy and noise.

Although there is provision for off-road parking, these developments will lead to increased on-road parking, probably around the Colwell Common area, which is overcrowded particularly in summer — more so if the recommended double-yellow lines are applied.

With all these developments, there is wider concern as to whether local infrastructure, including medical facilities, will be able to cope with the increased strain.

As a former chairman of Totland Parish Council, I objected vociferously against plans for high-value development, not suitable or affordable to the majority of local residents.

It appears that the situation is getting worse.

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