County Press reader Scott Sharp sent us this heart-warming story of human spirit.

Scott said: "After cycling from Ryde to Freshwater I was so tired and then, to cap it all, my bike wheel broke.

"I was struggling for a few miles and then lay down and gave up.

"I didn't have any money on me and didn't know if I could make it to Newport.

"I thought wouldn't it be nice if someone offered me a lift but really didn't think anything of it because of the pandemic.

"Anyway, two minutes later a truck pulled up and a guy called Richard offered me lift after seeing me in trouble and drove me to Newport...we had both been jabbed!

"He also mentioned he was a paraglider and I've always wanted to do that so am going to go along sometime.

"I would just like to say thank you so much to Richard.

"After the pandemic it's nice to see good people still helping others."

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