IT WAS a sunny, albeit cold Easter weekend, and we can expect temperatures to pick up somewhat toward the end of the week.

Easter Sunday was a fine day across the Island, with long sunny spells and patches of clouds.

Bank Holiday Monday followed a similar trend, but was markedly colder.

Today (Tuesday), the Met Office forecasts more sunshine until around midday, with temperatures fluctuating between 6C and 7C.

Tomorrow, similar temperatures are expected, and more sunshine throughout the morning.

By Friday, temperatures as high as 11C are forecast from midday, but expected to drop marginally at the weekend as light rain falls overnight.

Freshwater Bay From Tennyson Down. By Pamela Parker.

Freshwater Bay From Tennyson Down. By Pamela Parker.

Sunday, more sunshine is forecast, but again, is expected to subside from midday.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning could see some light rain, and temperatures feeling close freezing.

Brooke beach. By Patric Brooks.

Brook beach. By Patric Brooks.