PARISH councils in the West Wight are considering public consultations and are seeking further information about the new motorcycle event set to come to the Island in October.

Although Diamond Races will not go ahead this year, a new set-up, Isle of Wight Road Races, is planning a time trials event.

The route and dates have yet to be announced by the organisers, but it is believed the potential event is being considered by the Isle of Wight Council's Safety Advisory Group.

The initial announcement of the event was revealed exclusively by the County Press.

The organisers said at the start of February their plans were 'well-developed' but had naturally been affected by the pandemic, and were hinging on the roadmap out of lockdown.

More information is expected imminently.

Freshwater Parish Council is set to discuss the matter at its meeting tonight (Tuesday).

Shorwell Parish Council discussed the matter at its March meeting, with IW Council leader Dave Stewart present (via Zoom).

They minuted that the event would be based around Tapnell Farm with a course around Brook, Freshwater and Compton.

Cllr Stewart told the meeting the IW Council would only be prepared to allow an event that met the highest safety arrangements.

The matter is on the agenda at Shorwell again at their meeting tonight (Tuesday).

Brighstone Parish Council also discussed the event at its February meeting.

They discussed a route, which they also believe to be planned for Brook, Chessell, along the middle road to Freshwater Bay and over Compton Down.

Residents at the meeting raised concerns regarding safety, noise, pollution and the possible consequences of copycat riders and speeding following the event.

It was generally considered West Wight was not an area to be holding this type of event being a quiet peaceful area within the AONB, popular with tourists.

They heard that the organisers would be happy to consult with the parish councils and were planning to hold a meeting with all West Wight councils involved.

Brighstone Parish Council intends to undertake a full consultation with every household in the parish, although it was pointed out that public consultations were not always taken into consideration.

The County Press understands a group has been set up, called West Wight Concerned Residents, who are worried about the impact of the event.

UPDATE, Thursday April 8: 

An Isle of Wight Council Spokesperson has said: “The council’s principal role in determining whether an event can proceed is the use of its relevant regulatory powers for matters such as highways and licencing activities including entertainment and sale of alcohol.  This can only be determined once detailed plans have been received and relevant applications have been submitted.

“The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is a regulatory consultation group facilitated by the Isle of Wight Council which includes other regulators including the police, fire and ambulance.  The role of the SAG is to make comments to the event organiser and advise where plans may not meet the legislation, guidance or good practice.  All events need to submit plans for the SAG members to consider within their own professional capacity and expertise.  For this particular event it would not proceed without the approval of the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) a National organisation. Organisers will then need to apply for Secretary of State for approval.

“Plans have now been received allowing a Safety Advisory Group meeting to be convened to start the ongoing role of the SAG.

“The role of the council as regulator is entirely separate from any wider aspiration or views the council may have on the socio-economic issues of any event. The Council did issue a letter to both potential race organisers providing them with support in principle, this enabled them to start discussions with the ACU. This did not grant permission for the event to go ahead, the council does not have this ability, as previously stated the ACU grant a race licence and the SAG ensure that the event organisers complies with all legislative requirements.

“Community Engagement is the responsibility of the Event Organiser; this will not be undertaken by the Council nor should public views or opinions be directed to the SAG. The Council is aware that Isle of Wight Road Races (IWRR) have been for a number of weeks actively talking with the Parish Councils, local groups and residents within the area the route and the event may affect and would encourage the community to make contact with IWRR, who can be contacted by emailing