PEOPLE have been turning up at Lynnbottom Tip without a booking, causing tailbacks on Briddlesford Road. An increase in non-booked vehicles has been seen over the Easter weekend and people are reminded to book first — or be turned away.

There has also been an increase in green waste, to be expected at this time of the year, but households can now book weekly trips instead of fortnightly, if needed.

A council spokesperson said: “The Easter weekend is traditionally one of the busiest for our recycling centres. We are pleased so many members of our community are embracing the booking system.

"The booking system remains in place and residents wishing to visit must book or they will be turned away. Bookings can be made via the council website

“The staff on site have a list of all bookings (car number plate registration and booking number) which are checked in order to obtain entry to the site. Vehicles without a booking will be asked to move on.

"Sometimes these conversations can take a little time and we do appreciate the patience of those in line waiting. People are advised to arrive on time for their booked appointment, not before.

“We have seen a small increase in vehicles with no bookings and a significant increase in the amount of green waste and household items being brought to the site, as is expected over the Easter break.

“Residents can now make a repeat booking after seven days, reduced from 14 previously, so they don't have to squeeze quite so much in their vehicles or store garden waste at home for two weeks.

"Additionally, we have lifted the one person to unload restriction. These measures should help speed up unloading times.”

Advice for businesses

Businesses getting ready for the next stage of the road map — sorting out holiday lets or tidying their shops — are asked to look at the advice for commercial waste.

The council said business waste needs to be collected by a licensed waste carrier.

Alternatively, businesses can ‘pay as you throw’ in the commercial lane at Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.

They will need a waste transfer note, a waste carriers' licence — both available from — and a debit card.