RED Funnel has announced it will be expanding its Red Jet timetable and reinstating its Quayconnect bus service from Monday, April 12.

Coinciding with the end of lockdown and easing of government restrictions, the expanded Red Jet service means a return to all-day coverage, offering customers 12 departures from each side of the Solent, Monday to Friday and 11 departures on weekends.

From West Cowes, sailings will depart every 80 minutes between 6.15am and 8.55pm from Monday to Friday and between 7.35am and 8.55pm on weekends.

From Southampton, sailings will depart every 80 minutes between 5.35am and 8.15pm from Monday to Friday and between 6.15am and 8.15pm on weekends.

The Red Jet timetable from April 12:

Isle of Wight County Press:

Red Funnel's Quayconnect bus service offers transport from its Southampton Red Jet terminal at Town Quay, taking passengers into the heart of the city.

Fran Collins, Red Funnel chief executive, said: “We are absolutely delighted to share this positive news with passengers and to see the Red Jet service back to a more frequent schedule in line with the easing of government restrictions.

"While we’re starting with a one-boat service, we will be closely monitoring customer demand and will adapt our operations and timetables accordingly.”

The Red Jet service has been operating to a lifeline, ‘commuter’ timetable following a significant reduction in demand for travel services during the latest lockdown period, alongside Red Funnel’s need to maintain operational resilience.

By law, face coverings continue to be mandatory for all travellers, except in specific cases of exemption as outlined by the government.