Isle of Wight Labour has revealed its candidates for the local election on May 6.

The Islanders will all appear on ballot papers when we go to the polls in a few weeks time.

They include Richard Quigley, who has previously been Labour's candidate for MP, losing out to Conservative Bob Seely.

The Cowes businessman said: "Few are happy with the way the current Conservative administration has managed the Isle of Wight Council over the last four years.

"A constant reduction in services, coupled with increased council tax bills, isn’t helping anyone.

"It is not good enough to say 'vote for us because we aren’t the Tories'.

"We need to give people a reason to vote Labour.

"Our manifesto is unapologetically ambitious, but is credible and affordable and builds on the actions of successful councils around the country.

"The main aim is to build community wealth, by spending more of the council budget with Island businesses, rather than continually handing contracts to mainland firms.

"We also want to help regenerate towns and high streets, with the introduction of free parking and make eliminating child poverty a key measure in all council departments.

"That, coupled with the increase in our vote in the last two general elections, means we have attracted 28 candidates who are prepared to put themselves forward and work hard for the Island.

"It means residents will have a real choice of how they vote.”