The chair of the Isle of Wight Green Party has hit out at Cowes Enterprise College for its promotion of a pupil's Conservative party candidacy in the forthcoming Isle of Wight Council elections. 

The Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), which runs the school, says it will be sending out a similar press release soo, for a Green Party candidate.

Last week, it issued a press release publicising 18-year-old Conservative candidate for Newport Central, Matthew Ambrosini. 

But Vix Lowthion, Green Party chair, criticised the lack of similar support for another pupil, Cameron Palin, who is standing as a Green candidate in East Cowes and who already serves on the town council.

The County Press ran a story last week about Matthew standing.

Isle of Wight County Press: Vix LowthionVix Lowthion

Ms Lowthion felt the article unfairly promoted a political party candidate.

In a letter to OAT, she said: "As a teacher of 20 years experience myself, I am fully aware of the Teaching Standards and the 1996 Education Act. Governors, councils and heads must 'forbid the promotion of partisan political views.' 

"I am sad to see a report which supports a student who is a Conservative Party candidate, when there has been no such support made for a similar aged pupil who is equally a Council Elections candidate and a properly selected town councillor. 

"The main difference seems to be he is not a member of the Conservative Party. Cowes Enterprise College should avoid any accusations of being politically partisan, particularly during a legal election period.

"Any support offered to one partisan candidate should be offered to all. I expect a detailed response to this email, including all my concerns, and for amends to be made regarding:

"Equal support for all students of CEC who are standing for election, including coaching and articles in the local press as above.

Isle of Wight County Press: Matthew Ambrosini is on course to become one of the youngest people ever to stand for election in the UK.Matthew Ambrosini is on course to become one of the youngest people ever to stand for election in the UK.

"Promotion of the local elections in the school for those students who are eligible to vote, including ensuring that students are registered, understand the process and are aware of the candidates standing for election. Not just members of the Conservative Party.

"I will also be making the appropriate Council Officers aware of my concerns during this election period, and contacting the local paper to ensure that no repeat is made of this misdemeanour.

"I am very disappointed that Cowes Enterprise College have behaved in such a partisan manner. This is not what I expected from this school, its leadership team or (OAT), from my visits and contact with the school in the last few years. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Green Party candidate Cameron PalinGreen Party candidate Cameron Palin

"I had always felt welcome, and now I am doubting the school's surface welcoming approach."

The Ormiston Academies Trust said they were preparing a similar press release for Green Party candidate Cameron Palin, who became the youngest councillor in the country in November when he was co-opted onto East Cowes Town Council for the Green Party.