Richard Murphy has been named the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, while Tony Bunday is standing for the Labour party.

Businessman and actuary Richard Murphy describes himself as a 'regular visitor' to the Isle of Wight.

He said: "I know the unique challenges [the Island] faces. 

"I will bring passion and commitment to the role. 

"I’m standing to become the next Police and Crime Commissioner because I feel very strongly that our police and criminal justice systems are stretched to the limit after years of cuts.

"When we come out of the Covid crisis, we need the police to be able to focus on policing, with better crime prevention and safer communities." 

Isle of Wight County Press:

Liberal Democrat candidate Richard Murphy

Mr Murphy's candidacy has been welcomed by Isle of Wight Liberal Democrat Nick Stuart. 

Mr Murphy said: "I know that residents want to see not only a higher police presence, but also justice for victims and for communities.  

"We need to ensure that offenders know their actions will have consequences.

"We need to go back to starting early with crime prevention, ensuring that police officers visit every secondary school in the county to show the effects of drug use and knife crime.

"Prevention is better than cure."  

Nick Stuart said: "Richard is a great organiser, and a good listener, with fantastic management and data skills from industry. 

"I know he will work in partnership with local organisations on Island issues, including the day to day challenges like anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and fly-tipping, along with issues including fraud and, thankfully rare, violent crime."  

Isle of Wight County Press:

Labour candidate Tony Bunday

Labour's candidate for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner role is Tony Bunday.

Mr Bunday is pledging to conduct a review of police activity across the two counties with the aim of maximising their contribution to the fight against climate change.

The candidate, who describes himself as a keen cyclist, said: "We are in a climate emergency and I believe that the police must play their part in our response to this.  

"If elected, I will identify where the police could be greener and will plan to make changes during my time in office.  

"This is not just about the use of energy for travel and buildings.  

"We need to also look in more detail at many other areas such as supply chains."  

Speaking directly to police officers, Mr Bunday said: "I wish to be clear that this will be based on a pragmatic approach and will not override existing priorities to keep communities safe or make the lives of our officers even more demanding.  

"However, we must do more and have a very clear direction of travel on this.  We need a clear assessment of where we currently are, from which we can set and meet targets in the future.  All organisations must play their part in this battle."  

Conservative Michael Lane has held the post for the last few years, including for an extra year when the 2020 election was cancelled due to the coronavirus restrictions. 

Standing for the Conservatives in 2021 is candidate Donna Lane.