WIGHTLINK Warriors speedway promoters Barry Bishop and Martin Widman have invited prospective riders to apply for a license for 2021.

It follows confirmation of an affiliation between Nora Motorsports and Wight Warriors Speedway Ltd – now listed on the Nora website – where riders can apply for licences under the club name.

Those planning to race will need an Adult Competition Licence. A basic version is £55 without personal accident cover but participants can take out an advanced licence for £80 which would include it.

Youth Competition licences are £50 basic and £70 including personal accident cover.

Those wishing to practice only can obtain a Practice Licence at a cost of £25.

Further details can be found online or by contacting the Wightlink Warriors promoters by email at speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk.

Bishop and Widman revealed earlier this month they will put on a series of 'sizzling summer spectaculars' at Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.