MATTHEW Ambrosini is on course to make history after becoming one of the youngest people ever to stand for election in the UK, turning 18 just a few days before the deadline for him to run.

Matthew is a student at Cowes Enterprise College and is representing the Conservative Party in a bid to be elected for Newport Central on the Isle of Wight Council.

The teenager's plans include modernising the infrastructure of the region, particularly in regard to improving roads as well as walking and cycling routes, and using brownfield sites and out-of-date buildings to regenerate the town.

Head of year, David Sanchez-Brown, has been helping him prepare for potential responsibilities that will come with the post, including debates and media appearances.

Isle of Wight County Press: Matthew AmbrosiniMatthew Ambrosini

Matthew said: “I’d urge people who are considering voting to see my youth as an asset – I’m bringing fresh ideas to the table, and want to represent young people who seldom have a voice in politics, but will be most affected by decisions made.

“We’re in a period where politics has become polarised, but I’m keen to be a councillor who listens to all sides of the argument, and want people who have completely different opinions to be able to come to me to express them.”

Rachel Kitley, principal at Cowes Enterprise College added: “We’re all inspired by Matthew’s drive and determination, and are looking forward to following him on this journey.

“I’m always proud of how our students engage with current affairs as well as thinking about how they can have a positive impact on the wider community, and Matthew is a great example of that.”