Isle of Wight Labour has launched its manifesto, ahead of the May 6 local elections.

The party has set out its thoughts for the Island's economy, transport, housing, education and care, revealing what it would aim to achieve it if won control of County Hall.

Richard Quigley, for Island Labour said: “We are all aware of the effect ten years of austerity has had on local services. Despite a promise that it's over, we continue to see a reduction in services provided.

"The council calls this efficiency savings. We call it cuts to services for Island residents.

"The Island deserves better. It deserves bold and transformative ideas and leadership, and that is what our manifesto offers."

Mr Quigley said the party would aim to build community wealth by spending more of the council budget on Island-based businesses, with an aim to improve wages, increase jobs and improve job security.

He said: "The task is to build a resilient and thriving Island over the next decade."

The party's pledge includes reducing the “spend to save” scheme contribution by £800,000, scrapping the purchase of new speed cameras (a £300,000 move approved in the Isle of Wight Council's 2021/20 budget), reducing the vehicle replacement program by £150,000, reducing the IT infrastructure program by £200,000 and delaying the introduction of contactless payment for car parks, which it says would save £240,000.