THE wonderful range of memories and pictures shared through the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook group never fails to inspire and delight.

The group now has more than 5,200 members and typically attracts posts ranging from things in the 1940s right up to the millennium.

Scroll through our gallery of pictures above to see this week's selection of images...

Our main image above was shared by John Robinson, who remembers Westhill Manor's Medieval Banquet nights - he believes this picture was taken in the early 1970s.

Tracy Mikich commented: "My dad, Mike Mikich, was the manager of Westhill Manor during this time. I remember them getting ready for the nights and goblets of mead." 

Hazel Savage added her wedding reception was held there as a banquet in 1974 and was "Something very different," which involved wassailing.

Linzi E. Mathews has shared several pictures recently, including one of her and her sister in their swimming costumes at Blackgang Chine, circa 1969. She said the swimming costumes with tiny skirts which they were pictured in below were very fashionable for little girls at the time!

Isle of Wight County Press: Linzi E. Mathews and her sister in their bathing costumes at Blackgang Chine, circa 1969.

John Cole has fond memories of the doughnuts at Brown's golf in the 1950s — lots of other people loved them too! John also shared a lovely photo of Ventnor Esplanade when it had a boating lake.

Lisa Ann Gleave was born at Appley Hotel, Ryde, which was run by her late parents Jeff and Joan Ford, who later moved to Wootton in 1973.

Julian Clarke remembered great times at the Appley when Sharpe and Betchley used to play, while Sarah Brett remembered Joan being a volunteer in the discharge lounge at St Mary's Hospital.

Paul Hann remembered the Theatre Royal, Ryde (now the site of NatWest Bank), a small cinema which famously burned down on 19th May 1961.

Bob Scott said he could see the glow of the flames as the theatre burned from his house in Brading four miles away and several people commented that they had fond memories of seeing films at the theatre.

Isle of Wight County Press: Nick Cotton's picture of Wootton Primary School's football team, circa 1981-1982.

We also loved this top team of young footballers from what Nick Cotton described as "Possibly the greatest football team to grace the playing fields of Wootton Primary School. Certainly around 1981-1982."

Nick thinks the photo includes him, Paul Mundell, Andrew Shepherd, Andrew Woodward, Christian Taylor, Devril Hudson, Adam Dominey, Jason Holley, Mark Nelson, Peter Hayles, James Lloyd. Alex Richards, Ian Broadsmith and Craig, whose surname he can't remember!

They certainly look like they enjoyed the game!

If you have lovely memories of life on the Isle of Wight, why not share them!

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