ON MONDAY (March 22) as part of their regular Monday evening public meetings, Our Island will be welcoming Jackie Weaver as guest speaker.

Jackie came to fame when she clerked a meeting of Handforth Parish Council and the recording, showing her dealing with bad behaviour and bullying by Councillors, went viral.

Jackie works for the Cheshire Association of Local Councils and took part in the famous meeting due to allegations being made of poor behaviour by Councillors.

Interviewed after the meeting Jackie said: “There is an element of bullying and bad behaviour in local councils and a lot of us are working very hard to try and do something about that.”

As guest speaker Jackie will be telling the Our Island meeting about her work and encouraging people to come forward to be members of town and parish councils, by showing the bad behaviour and pointless arguing can be challenged and stopped.

A spokesperson for Our Island said: "It is even more important new people come forward now as we will soon elect the local politicians responsible for the process of pulling things back together as we exit from the pandemic."

The meeting will take place on Zoom at 7pm on March 22.

A link to join in will be put on the Our Island Facebook page or can be obtained by sending an email to ourislandiw@gmail.com.