The Isle of Wight's MP is investigating concerns about dredging off Sandown Bay.

Bob Seely has written to The Crown Estate, which is responsible for granting dredging licences.

Mr Seely wants reassurance that coastal erosion around the Island is not linked to marine aggregate dredging - collecting sand and stones from the seabed for use elsewhere.

There have been reports that sand is being eroded at Sandown and Shanklin - among the Island's most popular beaches and tourist hotspots.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Shanklin at high tide

Locally, in the Bay area, a task force has also been set up to look into the allegations.

Mr Seely is also worried about the impact dredging could have on the Island’s Marine Conservation Zones.

Mr Seely said: “I am told that this is approved marine aggregate dredging but I am checking what that means in terms of impact assessments that have been undertaken prior to work commencing.

“I know residents are concerned that the work might be impacting on the beach, so I am seeking reassurance that this is not the case.”

Licences are only granted after a regulator and scientific assessors have reviewed the potential impact of dredging - which sees part of the seabed collected.

Calling it 'a concern', Mr Seely said many would welcome further assurance from The Crown Estate that it is environmentally safe.