The figures are down but the battle is not over.

The Island has seen another 17 deaths in February and this figure will continue to rise.

Each death is more than a statistic. It is a family tragedy.

Are we going to wait for Boris and Matt Hancock to save us or are we going to take advantage of our unique Island situation ?

The travel industry envisages a vaccination passport for travellers flying abroad. This is inevitable.

Both Boris and Matt Hancock are in favour of this proposition but they will have to overcome obstacles, possibly objections from their own party.

Holders of these passports would enjoy access to Island transport, accommodation, catering and attractions.

In short the Island tourist industry could be up and running before the Summer Season.

Israel has a Green Card scheme which is producing positive results in reducing Covid infections.

Nearer to home, the Isle of Man has no coronavirus cases in hospital, just a mere 21 self isolating at home.

There is one difference between Israel and the Isle of Man on the one hand and the Isle of Wight on the other. They have border controls but we do not.

We should bear in mind that the uncontrolled influx of mainlanders at Christmas caused our Covid figures to soar.

We should also bear in mind that current strains of the Covid virus are particularly contagious.

May I suggest our MP and his team of expert caseworkers concentrate their energies to protect our Island citizens in the following manner:

Establish checkpoints at the points of departure from the mainland. In the cases of private aircraft or private yachts, we have airport controllers and harbourmasters at the point of arrivals.

Personnel at the points of departure must have the legal power to refuse access to the ferries. Only persons with a vaccine passport should be admitted.

This is achievable! It is simple. It may not be easy for our MP to secure the legal right of refusal But if he fails to attempt this he is failing the citizens of the Isle of Wight!

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