The aftermath of the collapse of a wall at historic Hurst Castle, in Hampshire, has been caught on drone footage - along with some incredible footage of the Isle of Wight's coast.

Meanwhile, an Isle of Wight artist says he finished an oil painting of the view of the castle, from Colwell, just hours before the collapse.

Scroll down for drone video and a picture of Ian Ellis's work...

Ever wondered what lies on the other side of The Solent, while gazing out to sea at Fort Victoria and Colwell Bay?

This YouTube film is the answer - also showing the extend of the damage to the castle.

Much of Hurst Castle was built in the 1500s, but the part that collapsed at the weekend is a newer extension.

ExploringWithin has shared drone footage, shot from a point on the Hampshire coastline and recorded on Saturday (February 27).

Watch the film here - and look out for the Isle of Wight beyond.

As the Isle of Wight County Press reported, photos shared on Twitter were among the  first to show the ruins, after the seawall collapsed, which is easily visible from the Island.

English Heritage, which own the historic building, tweeted: "Everyone’s safety is our first priority and there are no reports of injuries. The castle was closed.

"It’s a terrible blow for this great site and all who care for it.

"Our engineering team is there now, assessing the damage and next steps."

It has been reported that work to shore-up the wall was about to get underway.

Meanwhile, a Freshwater artist (a former head of art at an Oxford college) says he feels 'fortunate' to have completed a seascape oil painting of the fort.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Freshwater's Ian Ellis at work 

Ian Ellis had been working on the view, as seen from Colwell.

He told the County Press: "I was astonished to read that there has been substantial damage to the fortress.

"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete my work portraying the beauty and force of this historical landmark before the power of the sea took its toll."