Isle of Wight local football is off for the rest of the season, it has been announced.

Football bosses had been consulting and release a statement last night (Wednesday).

The Sydenhams Wessex League said 76 per cent of clubs said they wanted to cut the season short if it could not be restarted with limited crowds and hospitality before April 1.

It would also not be 'viable' to extend play beyond May.

The league will now present the recommendations to the FA Council for ratification.

In a statement issued last night (Wednesday) it said: "Subject to the approval of FA Council, the 2020-21 league season for steps 3-6 of the National League System (NLS) should be curtailed with immediate effect, with no further league matches taking place this season." 

It means, after a year hit by Covid-19 and the government roadmap announced on Monday, football willl end early.

East Cowes Vics said: "Took a while to digest everything, we knew this was coming but held on in the hope they would extend the season but unfortunately not.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters, our volunteers who give up their time to help on match days, our groundsman for the hard work that has been put into the pitch to make it what it is, our players and management team and the Sydenham Wessex League for the continued support.

"We move on from this season and as a club we look to next season.... Stay safe everyone."

East Cowes Vics were due to play Newport and that local derby has been cancelled.

The two sides are currently sharing a ground.

Newport FC said on Twitter: "It now looks as though we will not be able to play the local derby against East Cowes Vics.

Once lockdown is eased and we can interact with the public again, we shall hold events where people can return their tickets for a full refund, much in the same way as we issued them."

Newport FC recently unveiled plans for a new home at Seaclose Park.

Discussions will now start on a potential restructure at Steps 4-6 of the NLS, which was previously agreed and has been on hold since the 2019-20 season.