AN ISLE of Wight cat lover, who has dedicated more than 30 years to helping local moggies, celebrated by trekking and climbing the equivalent of over 30,000 feet to the summit of Mount Everest.

Jo Morrison, deputy manager at Cats Protection’s Isle of Wight Adoption Centre has 'trekked' round Ryde and climbed her stairs to virtually conquer the highest mountain in the world in celebration.

A delay in the app used to track Jo's total elevation meant she actually climbed more than the 29,032 foot Everest target - reaching 30,314 feet in total.

He goal was to raise £600, to benefit the centre’s cats.

Like many charities, Cats Protection had to pause rehoming and admitting cats when the first lockdown hit, as well as halting its face-to-face fundraising.

Although the charity has now implemented a Covid-safe way to rehome cats, all fundraising now has to take place online.

Jo, who started working at the centre in 1990, said: “I wasn’t sure I could do it when I first chose Mount Everest but I love the adoption centre’s cats and especially love my own cats Sylvester and Tippy who came from Cats Protection originally.

"Cats have been my passion all my life and I hope this climb helps a few more of the cats that come through our centre.”