A 4.99 per cent rise in council tax has been approved by the Isle of Wight Council tonight (Wednesday).

The budget was approved after 24 councillors voted for, 14 against with no abstentions - meaning the motion was carried without any proposals from opposition councillors.

It will affect your Isle of Wight council tax bills from April.

A number of alternative proposals were dismissed at tonight's virtual meeting.

On top of the council tax increase, we will be paying precepts for Hampshire Constabulary and the Fire and Rescue Service.

Under proposals put forward by leading Conservative councillors, the mobile library service will be cut, crematorium fees will rise by seven per cent and £300,000 will be spent on two sets of average speed cameras.

£4.5 million savings will be made on the budget.

The rise is made up of a 1.99 per general rise and three per cent (the highest allowed without a referendum) to fund adult social care.