A FORMER guitarist of Isle of Wight band, The Bees, is making his solo debut.

Kris Birkin has embarked on a harder, edgier solo project with his single, Black Horse.

It is being released by Slingshot Records today (Friday) on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

Black Horse showcases the multi-instrumentalist talents of Kris who has returned to settle on his native Isle of Wight to make his music.

Kris said about his track: "Black Horse embraces full spectrum guitars, and tips its hat to the big rock lords like Zeppelin and Sabbath.”

Kris is writing and recording new material in 2021 with Slingshot Records and Studio Humbug of Jackson Analogue heritage.

The Bees released four albums and their first, 2002’s Sunshine Hit Me, was Mercury Prize nominated.

The band supported Oasis in 2005, Madness in December 2007, and Paul Weller in the UK on selected dates.