I travel Wightlink on the Portsmouth-Fishbourne route every day in the course of my work.

The first thing that you see as you drive into your allotted lane, is a huge illuminated sign outside the ticket office.

It relays a number of messages in sequence, one of which states ‘consumption of food and drink is not allowed on the ferry’.

This displays for about 30 seconds, every two or three minutes.

Once you get on the ferry the windows of the hospitality sections, which are clearly closed, have signs relaying the same message.

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Shortly after the safety message, the captain of the day gives a short message.

Amongst travel information he or she sets out clearly that consumption of food and drink is not allowed, the only exception being to take a sip of liquid if required.

I find it incredulous that any person can claim (CP, 19-02-21) they were oblivious to these measures, which have been in place since January 16, unless they are extremely short sighted and profoundly deaf.

Other frequent observations, children running about all over the place and camper vans often on the ferries — I thought that we were supposed to be in lockdown!

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