THE Isle of Wight's MP has reacted to yesterday's announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the UK 'roadmap' out of lockdown.

MP Bob Seely said: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement on the route out of lockdown: a gradual easing is better than a big bang reopening.

"On education, it is important to get children back into classrooms, not only for the critical value of education but also to support parents.

"We also need to allow, as soon as safe to do so, elderly folk in care and nursing homes to be able to see loved ones.

"A number of Islanders have written to me about this and I understand their anguish at not seeing their parents and grandparents for such a long time.

"We should remain cautious and base decisions on data. The important thing is we reopen in a timely way while ensuring the vaccinations continue as speedily as possible.

"We need to remember that all, especially the young, need to be able to get on with their lives again.

"I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all those on the Island involved in the vaccine process."