THE Isle of Wight Council has rejected a petition to save Sandown’s Browns Golf Course.

Around 3,800 people signed it after the popular seafront attraction announced plans to close, after almost 90 years of fun golf on the site.

The petition was created by Paul Coueslant, who said he was 'astounded' when the motion to propose during a council meeting was dismissed.

County Hall said it could not be accepted for legal reasons and said it had offered an alternative wording, but that had not been accepted.

An IW Council spokesperson said: “The petition was rejected on public law grounds because it would have had the effect of binding the decisions of future councils to maintain the golf course in its present state for ever more.

"This would be in contravention of the council’s legal duty to ensure best value from the use of public assets."

The petition had aimed to persuade Isle of Wight Council to acknowledge the unique heritage of Browns - and guarantee its long-term protection.

Last month, the council advertised for someone to take on the management of the site, although the advert did not specify how long for. 

Paul said: “I am astounded that the IW Council has decided to stamp on the voice of more than 3,000 supporters of this petition. 

“The motion for debate was designed to reflect exactly what petition supporters had signed up to. 

“If councillors didn’t agree, they could have proposed an amendment to the motion and voted for that. Instead, they’re allowing no debate.

“Their decision makes it clear the council has no intention of having any public discussion of their plans for Dinosaur Isle and Browns. That’s what’s concerned us from the start.

“Petition supporters will find the reasons put forward by the council for not allowing the debate puzzling and unacceptable.” petitions which receive 10,000 signatures get a response from the Government. Those with 100,000 signatures are considered for debate in Parliament.

Browns was officially opened in 1932 by famous golfers Henry Cotton and Joe Kirkwood, and in recent years has boasted two nine-hole pitch and putt courses and two 18-hole full courses, as well as hosting a range of events in the cafe.