I was most interested to read your piece on seahorses being washed up dead on the Isle of Wight coast (CP, 19-02-21).

I am old enough to recall when the seahorse was the IW emblem, when tourist products and other items were emblazed with the seahorse logo, when potters on the Island made ceramic seahorses and when we filled their shapes with Alum Bay sand.

We seem to have lost that identifying characteristic and fallen into the mire of PR and marketing.

Seahorses, apart from their beauty, are an important part of our eco system and despite finding a few here in the Solent there has this week been a major campaign to Save the Seahorse from a Rotary club in Portugal, where there has been a reported reduction of 96 per cent in the population.

No doubt under the waves similar things are happening in our area.

Save the Seahorse is surely worth supporting locally.

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