A MUM with a history of violence against the police, was in trouble again for kicking an officer in the face.

Island magistrates heard officers, responding to calls of trouble at her flat, found Courtney Lucas 'extremely drunk' and agitated, said Liz Miller, prosecuting at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court.

During her arrest, Lucas, of Lowtherville Road, Upper Ventnor, struggled violently with PC Brian Hersey as she was led to the police van — attempting to return to her property, where her child was, and kicked him in the shin, then face.

Another officer was in the flat looking after Lucas's child during the assault.

For Lucas, Oscar Vincent stressed his client had not worn shoes when she kicked PC Hersey, lessening the seriousness of the attack.

Lucas, 22, admitted common assault against an emergency worker on January 12.

It is not the first time she has assaulted a police officer.

In 2017, Lucas was convicted of assault, but had kept out of trouble since, said Mr Vincent.

On the night in question, Lucas claimed she had been the victim of abuse and had tried to get a man out of her house — but he refused to do so, the bench heard.

"She called the police twice to complain about the abuse. However, the man in question made a false claim of criminal damage against her, which saw her end up being arrested," Mr Vincent explained.

"She suffers with anxiety and depression and her anxiety levels went through the roof when she was arrested.

"An officer tried to stop her struggling, by pressing his thumb onto the back of her ear, which caused her to scream with pain, then he used his body weight to pin her down.

"She was having a full-blown panic attack, amid the measures being taken to prevent her resisting arrest.

"She was in pyjamas, without footwear. She said she had asked for items, including clothes to wear, but officers refused, and she was subsequently interviewed in her nightwear."

Mr Vincent said Lucas had later apologised to officers for her actions.

Lucas was handed a year's probation, to include 15 rehabilitation sessions to address her alcohol misuse and self-esteem issues, and was ordered to pay a £40 fine, with £85 costs and a £95 victim surcharge.

When sentencing Lucas, presiding magistrate, Keith Jones, told her: "You need to bear in mind you are in trouble because it was a police officer you were struggling with."