The new cases data for the Isle of Wight has improved so much that the Island has turned green on the government's colour-coded interactive coronavirus map.

Earlier this year, the Island was above the national average for the rolling seven-day case rate - appearing as dark purple.

As of 4pm yesterday (Sunday), there was an average of 56.4 new cases per 100,000 people, in the seven days to February 16.

The Island was below average - new data will be published this afternoon, at around 4pm.

Zoom in and you will see that most areas of the Island are also seeing improvements.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Cases are now so low in Ventnor and Wroxall, Bembridge and Nettlestone, Cowes Central, and Yarmouth and Freshwater, the data is no longer being published, so they appear as white - the lowest possible step on the colour key.

The threshold is fewer than 3 per 100,000, over seven days.

Covid-19 deaths continue to rise on the Isle of Wight, however.

One more person died in hospital over the weekend on the Isle of Wight.

At 3:30pm today (Monday), Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to deliver a statement to MPs.

He will set out how England will move forward after the current lockdown ends.

We will be running a LIVE blog, to cover that announcement.

Some of the key announcements appear to have been leaked already - including information about when schools might fully reopen.

Isle of Wight County Press:

According to a team from Imperial College London, the Isle of Wight is not predicted to be a "hotspot" area for Covid infections by March 8 - the date being suggested for when all children will go back to the classroom.

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Meanwhile, you have been telling us that the chance visit loved ones is the first thing you would like to see reinstated, after lockdown ends.

We asked Islanders on Facebook which rule should be lifted first.

Some backed a return to school, but most said it was the chance to see loved ones, including parents living in care homes, grandchildren, and family living on the mainland.

Some, meanwhile, called for hairdressers to reopen.