Two new polls have named the Isle of Wight as one of the most desirable locations in the whole of the UK.

Shanklin Beach has been voted one of the top 20 beaches in the UK, following a survey by WWF-UK and Sky Ocean Rescue, while Freshwater Bay is named in a separate poll run by railway company LNER.

Sally Beston, chairman of Shanklin Hotel and the Accommodation Association, said: "I am delighted to read Shanklin Beach has been voted in the top 20 UK’s best beaches.

"Shanklin really is a beautiful place to live and visit. My members will be delighted to welcome visitors when the time is right."

When it comes to stunning vistas, picturesque Freshwater Bay reached the top 30 of the UK’s most beautiful views according the poll by LNER.

Freshwater was home to the Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron at Dimbola and the Poet Laureate of the time, Alfred, Lord Tennyson at Farringford House.

Last week, the Isle of Wight was named sixth in a poll of popular UK destinations by global travel firm Big 7 Travel, and was the top rated island on the list.

Isle of Wight is voted UK’s number one holiday Island destination