ISLE of Wight charity, Friends of the Animals (FOTA), is asking for help after a dog suffered serious injury, with her owner struggling to pay the medical bills.

Eight-year-old Buddy, a Jack Russell bitch, sustained a serious injury to her left, back leg earlier this year.

The incident occurred while she was being chased by another dog over uneven ground, subsequently sustaining a ruptured cruciate and a luxating patella.

Two separate veterinary consultations later, plus pain management medication, her only chance of a pain free life is to have orthopaedic surgery, for which the veterinary estimate is at least £3,000.

A spokesperson for FOTA said: "Like so many other people at this very difficult time, Buddy’s owner is unable to work due to the pandemic and finding the money is an impossible task.

"The kindness of our supporters has the power to make this possible and we are asking you all to please step in and help towards the cost of turning Buddy’s life around."

Those who would like to help can do so by visiting the charity's website and scrolling down to the dedicated PayPal button, or by calling one of the team on 522511 who will advise you on other ways of helping.