I welcome any extra monies that are spent on highlighting the Island’s cause, but reading Bob Seely MP’s comments did make me spit my tea out.

During our many debates during the General Election, Bob assured us all the Island Deal was in fact a done deal and arranged for the council leader and other cabinet members to pose with PM Johnson to prove the point.

Now, 14 months later he has rowed so far back on this “promise” that he is prepared to say on record that he never saw the Island Deal as a “big bang” moment.

That is the exact opposite of what he said in December 2019.

I am also surprised that a further review is necessary when one has already been completed, estimating it costs an extra £6.4m a year for the Island to keep up.

Maybe the £50k would be better spent on providing school meals over the holidays.

We are all used to him not delivering on his promises, it seems par for the course, but this takes the biscuit.

I do have sympathy for Cllr Stewart as I know he took Bob's promise at face value.

He is now left empty handed.