From Rosalind Groves, Ryde:

It's good to feel so proud of how well this country is doing with the vaccination programme.

On the Island, even with our high number of older residents, I can see that we are even ahead of the targets, as I am under 70 but was vaccinated, at Westridge, last week.

This success must be due to so many dedicated and efficient people.

But the ones who struck me as outstandingly unselfish were the volunteers who were standing outside in that bitterly cold wind last week, with temperatures between 0 and 3C, so calmly and clearly organising cars and people.

I had been dreading the 30-second walk from car to entrance; but they were willingly enduring those conditions for hours at a time.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has enabled us to get the vaccine and all the hope for the better future that goes with it.