As one of the “brave open water swimmers” captured by Dave Kerridge, (County Press Camera Club, 05-02-21), can I add to the many previous pleas for dog owners to clear up after their dogs.

Almost daily we swimmers at Colwell Bay find dog poo either trodden or ready to tread in, and even when people have ‘made an effort’ to remove it from the walkway we often find they have simply lifted it to put it on the concrete edging — where we sit to change and leave our bags while in the water.

This morning there were four large dollops in the stones where we go in.

Walkers often sit on the edges to rest and take in the view. Children love to walk on the edge, holding a parent's hand.

Runners, out after or before light, don’t see the mess.

It is a ghastly task to remove mess from tread on trainers and shoes.

The selfishness of dog owners who don’t clear up beggars belief.

PS Thanks to the caption writer who called us brave...most people call us mad!