CARE homes on the Isle of Wight have suffered huge losses of residents to Covid this year, latest government data has revealed.

It shows 114 community deaths since the pandemic began, with 104 of those in care homes, seven at home, one in a hospice and two elsewhere.

With 138 hospital deaths recorded, it means 252 people have died of Covid related causes on the Island since March, 2020.  

The update shows 25 people died in care homes in the week running up to January 22, a further ten in the week to January 29, and 13 in the week up to February 5.

In total 56 people in care homes have died after testing positive for Covid in 2021, with 48 having died in 2020.

The deaths will be registered with Covid-19 on the death certificates.

The deaths come as the Covid vaccines have been rolled out across the Island this year, including at care homes.

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